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The music of U-NAME IT Chuckwagon Express is a smooth blend of original, improvised, danceable melodies played in a variety of syles - reggae, jazz and funk all presented through a psychodelic lens. Layering vocal harmonies over acoustic guitars with a solid bass and drum rythym section as the basis as their sound.

The Chuckwagon frequently pulls from its rotating stock of special guest "U-NAME IT" performers who play instruments ranging from hornsections and keyboards to didgereedoos, fiddles and mandolins. They have amassed over 40 original songs over the last year alone. While most of the songs and jams are well orchestrated, improvisation lies at the core of the Chuckwagon Express experience. With every band member writing their own part and hat of the lyrics being freestyled for the moment to build a better connection with both the audience and the now (hair-curlers and quarters)

These dedicated musicians have been living off of nothing but sunlight for the past three years honing their skills. They have played in Marin County and Half Moon Bay in Califoria and all over Colorado. Landing them in legendary venues such as the Fox and Boulder Theaters in Boulder, Colorado. The band plans to play as mucho as possible this summer and fall before touring in Australia, Switzerland and Holand in winter - spring of '06.